Dan Bowyer

The Long Story: Left a handful of scrappy A Levels at the school gates and ran to the big smoke with my best Zoolander impression to start modelling with Models 1. Joined a Boy Band in the early 90s for 3 roller coaster years of excess. Left the music world in 94 to present kids TV for the BBC and Channel 4. Managed to spend it as quickly as earned and realised that however famous or wealthy, it can't make you happy if you can't look at yourself in the mirror. Without going too Paulo Coelho, it was time to find myself. So I travelled and when cash ran out took a job running an education centre for Virgin Atlantic, mainly teaching people how to use computers. Fell in love with tech, did my Windows & Apple Engineer certifications and sold myself to the IT contracting market, property developing on the side. In '99 built an internal comms business as the resident Geek. Cut my business teeth here and after a year of throwing bricks from the sidelines, it was obviously time to make more beautiful mistakes and get on the entrepreneur train. ... Unreasonably passionate about people, business and digital.

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