Top 13 Venture Capital Newsletters for Founders in 2024

Venture capital-focused newsletters are some of the best resources for learning the basics and improving your chances of success. We have compiled a list of the top sources from the VC space in 2024. These newsletters are definitely worth having in your inbox.

Mudassir Mustafa
March 26, 2024

With the startup ecosystem evolving rapidly, it has become more important than ever for founders to stay informed and ahead of the curve. While there are many resources out there that can help founders, venture capital (VC) newsletters has proven to be an exceptional mean to keeping up with the latest trends, insights, and advice in the world of venture capital.

The year 2024 has seen several VC newsletter standing out for their depth of analysis, frequency of publication, and the unique perspectives they offer. Let’s take a look at the ones that every founder must subscribe to:

1. Prodcircle

Frequency: Weekly

What can you get?

Well, listing our own newsletter among the top VC newsletters may seem like self-promotion, but we promise that Prodcircle has earned its place fair and square.

Prodcircle stands out for its deep dives into product development, market fit, and scaling strategies, making it especially relevant for founders in the tech sector. Subscribers gain access to exclusive interviews with successful entrepreneurs, detailed case studies on startup growth, and actionable advice on securing venture capital funding.

2. CB Insights Newsletter

Frequency: Weekly

What You Can Get?

CB Insights is a goldmine for founders interested in data-driven insights into the venture capital world. Through this newsletter, you can get analyses on investment trends, funding rounds, and startup exits.

Its comprehensive market intelligence is derived from CB Insights' vast database, making it a powerful tool for founders seeking to understand where their startup fits within broader investment trends.

Whether you're preparing for a funding round or strategizing for growth, CB Insights provides the data-driven insights necessary to make informed decisions.

3. StrictlyVC

Frequency: Daily

What You Can Get?

StrictlyVC offers an insider's look at the venture capital world, delivered with journalistic flair by Connie Loizos, a respected tech journalist with deep ties to the VC community.

Subscribers receive daily newsletters by StrictlyVC, comprising a roundup of essential venture capital news, deals, and rumors, alongside exclusive interviews with venture capitalists and startup founders. This way, it’s not merely a news source but a window into the strategies, challenges, and successes of their peers and potential investors.

All this makes Strictly VC a must-read for anyone looking to understand the pulse of the venture capital ecosystem and glean insights from those at its forefront.

4. Fortune Term Sheet

Frequency: Daily

What You Can Get?

Particularly famous for its in-depth coverage of the venture capital industry, The Fortune Term Sheet offers a daily digest of the most significant deals, fundraising rounds, and shifts within the VC landscape.

What makes it rank among the top venture capital newsletters particularly for founders is its analysis of how broader economic and market trends impact the venture capital and startup sectors. It serves as a bridge between the macroeconomic environment and individual startup strategies, providing founders with the context needed to navigate uncertain markets.

5. Andreessen Horowitz Newsletter

Frequency: Varied

What You Can Get?

Coming straight from one of Silicon Valley's most influential VC firms, the Andreessen Horowitz Newsletter is a treasure trove of insights into technology, markets, and the future of various industries. Its content ranges from deep analytical pieces on investment strategies to forward-looking trends in tech.

Founders particularly appreciate this newsletter as it provides them guidance on the technological shifts that are shaping investment priorities and consumer behavior. Through this newsletter, various renowned writers offer a glimpse into the future of industries and how startups can position themselves for success.

6. Mattermark Daily

Frequency: Daily

What You Can Get?

Mattermark Daily stands out among VC newsletters because it provides an aggregation of perspectives from both investors and founders. You will some of the best articles, blog posts, and thought leadership pieces in the startup and VC space.

Founders, in particular, prefer this newsletter as it serves as a comprehensive resource providing diverse viewpoints on everything, right from fundraising strategies to operational challenges. So, if you’re looking to broaden your understanding of the startup ecosystem, Mattermark Daily can prove to be worthwhile as it offers a wide range of insights that can inspire and inform their growth strategies.

7. First Round Review

Frequency: Weekly

What You Can Get?

The First Round Review goes beyond the typical format adopted by many venture capital newsletters. It offers in-depth articles that tackle the myriad challenges of building a startup.

Each week, subscribers receive a collection of thoughtfully written pieces on leadership, product management, customer success, and much more - all drawn from First Round Capital's extensive network of entrepreneurs and experts.

For founders, the First Round Review is akin to a weekly masterclass in startup leadership and growth, providing actionable advice and insights that can be directly applied to their businesses.

8. SaaStr Newsletter

Frequency: Weekly

What You Can Get?

Specifically tailored for the SaaS industry, the SaaStr Newsletter is a fountain of knowledge on scaling SaaS businesses. It aims to help founders enhance customer success and boost recurring revenue. It features articles, interviews, and case studies that delve into the specifics of growing a SaaS startup, from early-stage challenges to scaling globally.

For SaaS founders, this newsletter is an invaluable resource for strategies and insights specific to their industry, helping them navigate the unique challenges of the SaaS business model.

9. Seedtable

Frequency: Weekly

What You Can Get?

This one’s for those in the European investment landscape. Seedtable offers a unique perspective on the European tech ecosystem, with its weekly newsletter providing a comprehensive overview of investment trends, emerging startups, and market dynamics specific to Europe.

It's an essential read for founders looking to understand or enter the European market, offering insights into the regional differences in venture capital and startup growth.

10. Bessemer Venture Partners’ Cloud Computing Newsletter

Frequency: Monthly

What You Can Get?

Specializing in cloud computing and enterprise software, this newsletter from Bessemer Venture Partners dives deep into the sectors shaping the future of technology. It covers market trends, investment opportunities, and strategies for growth, providing a wealth of knowledge for founders in the cloud space.

With Bessemer's expertise in cloud investments, this newsletter is a critical resource for understanding the rapidly evolving cloud industry and positioning your startup for success within it.

11. The Twenty Minute VC

Frequency: Bi-weekly

What You Can Get?

Though primarily known for its podcast, The Twenty Minute VC also offers a bi-weekly newsletter that condenses key insights from its interviews with top VCs and founders. It provides a behind-the-scenes look at the strategies behind successful investments and startup growth, offering founders practical advice and inspiration.

This newsletter is a great complement to the podcast, providing busy founders with a quick way to absorb the wisdom shared by some of the most successful figures in the startup and VC world.

12. Last Money In

Frequency: Monthly

What You Can Get?

Last Money In offers a unique perspective on the venture capital ecosystem, focusing on late-stage funding rounds and the intricacies of exit strategies, including IPOs and acquisitions. This newsletter is designed for founders who are navigating the complexities of scaling their startups into mature, market-leading companies.

Each edition is packed with case studies, market analysis, and interviews with founders and investors who have successfully navigated the journey from startup to exit. It's an essential read for entrepreneurs aiming to understand the dynamics of late-stage funding, valuation, and the strategic moves that can lead to successful exits.

Armed with insights from these top VC newsletters, founders are better equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of startups and venture capital, unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

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