Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley founded his first company in 2002 in Australia at the age of twenty-one. Before he was twenty five, he and his business partners had grown a national business turning over several million dollars. In 2006, Daniel moved from Australia to launch a new venture in London. Arriving with only a suitcase and a credit card, Daniel set up a new venture and grew it to seven-figure revenues in under two years. In the process, he became a leading figure in his industry and is now regarded as one of the world's top professional speakers on business and entrepreneurship. His business, Dent, reinvents traditional businesses using a unique approach to personal branding and technology. Daniel is also the author of the books Key Person of Influence, Entrepreneur Revolution and Oversubscribed. Daniel Priestley is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and international speaker. Starting with nothing, he built successful multi-million dollar businesses in Australia, UK and Singapore.By working with some of the world’s most successful people, Daniel discovered there are 5 strengths that the top entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders possess.

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