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February 28, 2024
Daniel Priestley

How to build $100 million businesses? with Daniel Priestly

How to build $100 million businesses? with Daniel Priestly

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Show Notes


*Businesses should prioritize demand generation over supply-side reinvention.
*Entrepreneurs should focus on building a personal brand to establish themselves as key persons of influence.
*Raising venture capital should be done with a deep sense of obligation to deliver a return to investors.
*Entrepreneurs should consider raising money when they have a scalable business model.
*The average age of a successful entrepreneur is 42, and the journey to success takes time and perseverance. Luck plays a significant role in business *success, but there are also controllable factors that can lead to success.
*AI-enabled SaaS businesses are expected to be a major source of innovation and growth in the coming years.
*Writing a book can be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs, helping to establish expertise, build a brand, and attract opportunities.
*Starting a successful business requires following a step-by-step process and focusing on concept, audience, offer, and sales.
*Having kids can bring new perspectives, maturity, and a sense of responsibility to entrepreneurs.
*Preparing children for the future of AI involves teaching them skills and knowledge that will be relevant in an AI-driven world.


00:00 Introduction and Early Life

03:45 Entrepreneurship and Starting a Business

06:17 Why Start a Business and Scaling a Business

10:03 Managing Multiple Businesses

12:51 Hiring Great Talent

15:46 Acquisitions and Exits

25:31 Starting a Business and Building Value

32:53 Starting a Business Today

38:19 Agency Businesses vs. D2C or SaaS Businesses

40:50 The Importance of Demand Generation

43:18 The Journey of an Entrepreneur

45:52 Building a Personal Brand

54:07 Who Should Raise Money and Why

58:24 Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship

01:01:04 When to Raise Money

01:05:34 Daniel's Experience with Boom and Bust

01:15:46 Impact of Daniel's Books

01:16:14 The Role of Luck in Business Success

01:19:09 The Future of AI-Enabled SaaS Businesses

01:22:31 Dealing with Negative Comments and Feedback

01:23:59 The Power of Writing a Book for Entrepreneurs

01:28:41 The Step-by-Step Process of Starting a Successful Business

01:31:53 Starting a New Business in 2024

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