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February 2, 2024
Preston Rutherford

How to build multi-Billion Dollar brands? with Co founder of Chubbies and Loop Returns

How to build multi-Billion Dollar brands? with Co founder of Chubbies and Loop Returns

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About Today's Podcast

In this conversation, Preston Rutherford discusses his early life, memories, and how his upbringing shaped him as an entrepreneur. He shares the reasons behind building Chubbies and Loop Returns, emphasizing the importance of using personal experiences as fuel for entrepreneurship. Preston also provides insights into the concept of branding, explaining that it goes beyond logos and design elements. He discusses the role of advertising for established brands and startups, highlighting the need for a balance between transactional ads and storytelling. Lastly, he shares how he and his co-founders maintained a successful business partnership by dividing roles and responsibilities and fostering open communication. In this conversation, Preston Rutherford shares insights and experiences from his journey as a co-founder of Chubbies Shorts and Loop Returns. He discusses the organic process of finding co-founders and the importance of respect and alignment in a founding team. Preston also talks about building and scaling a team, emphasizing the significance of culture and values. He addresses the challenges faced by venture-backed CPG businesses and the lessons that can be learned from the SaaS industry. The conversation concludes with a question for the next guest about their biggest setback and how they chose to persist.


*Finding co-founders should be an organic process based on shared ideas, feedback, and excitement.

*Respect and alignment among co-founders are crucial for a successful partnership.

*Building and scaling a team requires a balance between being a family and a team.

*Consumer product businesses take time to grow and require a strong brand and trust from customers.

*Lessons from the SaaS industry, such as the importance of brand and trust, can be applied to CPG businesses.


00:00 Introduction

02:38 Early Memories and Entrepreneurial Mindset

06:49 The Power of Individuals to Change the World

10:07 Why Chubbies and Loop Returns Were Built

16:58 Understanding the Concept of Branding

24:14 The Role of Advertising in Established Brands and Startups

34:43 Measuring the Impact of Storytelling Ads

42:38 Building a Successful Business with Best Friends

44:04 The Organic Process of Finding Co-Founders

47:36 Building and Scaling a Team

52:12 Advice for Founders Starting Out

59:53 Challenges Faced by Venture-Backed CPG Businesses

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