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April 3, 2024
Eva Dobrzanska

Is your startup idea VC backable?' with Eva Dobrzanska of FundIQ.

Is your startup idea VC backable?' with Eva Dobrzanska of FundIQ.

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Show Notes

About Today's Podcast

Are you a first-time founder with a brilliant startup idea but unsure how to get the funding to make it a reality?  This podcast is your roadmap to success!Join Eva who is a seasoned VC industry professional as she empowers you with the knowledge and practical steps to secure funding for your venture. We'll delve into everything from venture capital and alternative funding methods to crafting a killer pitch deck and negotiating the right valuation.


  1. The VC world has a dark side, with risks including boosting businesses that are not economically viable.
  2. Creating an effective pitch deck involves structuring it properly and focusing on problem and target market slides, solution and competitive advantage slides, and market size and financial projections.
  3. Building a waitlist can be a valuable strategy for startups, as it demonstrates market interest and potential customer demand.
  4. Success stories often emerge from down markets, and being the second runner up can lead to great success.
  5. Founders should carefully consider metrics, valuation, and cap table management to ensure fundraising success.


00:00 Trailer

01:30 Who is Eva

04:44 Are you qualify for VC money? (First time founder MUST LISTEN)

08:00 Eva Key Takeaways from Working in Startups

13:35 Why Agency Models Are Not Venture-Backed

16:35 What other raising methods founder should look

26:40 What Value of Incubators and Accelerators in first time founder life

38:40 How Eva helping to raise money and what valuation to give (MUST LISTEN)

45:50 The Dark Side of the VC World

50:20 How to create an effective pitch deck

01:06:35 Metrics Founders Should Care About

01:10:42 When to use Convertible Notes or Safe Notes

01:12:37 How Eva Navigating Valuation

01:17:45 Cap Table Red Flags

01:25:21 Is Fundraising a Success?

01:19:45 Ritual Time

01:21:13 Ending

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