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February 21, 2024
Peter Walker

How to split equity between startup founders? with Peter Walker of Carta

How to split equity between startup founders? with Peter Walker of Carta

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Venture capitalist Peter Walker unpacks the startup scene, guiding on everything from compensation and equity to navigating funding and avoiding pitfalls. Armed with 2023 insights, he explores challenges and opportunities for founders and investors. He dives into stages of funding, analyzes concerns in SaaS, and reveals exciting trends like cost-conscious startups and booming hard sciences in 2024. Plus, he emphasizes data's power in storytelling, shares his AI view, and offers advice for understanding startup finances. This conversation empowers anyone navigating the ever-evolving world of venture capital and startups.


00:00 Introduction

00:38 Understanding Peter Walker's Background

02:21 The Best and Worst Parts of Peter's Job

03:44 Structuring Compensation Packages in 2023

07:11 Equity Distribution Among First Five Hires

10:45 Factors Influencing Co-Founder Split and CEO Background

15:09 The Impact of 2023 on Startups

19:11 Raising Capital as a Success Metric

21:34 Startup Failure Rates and Reasons for Closure

25:24 Exploring Alternative Financing Options

29:18 Evaluating Startups and Factors Influencing Valuation

34:13 The Use of SAFEs in Fundraising

36:25 Raising Multiple SAFEs and Conversion

39:46 Comparison of Valuations in Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A Rounds

41:28 Pre-Seed and Angel Rounds

42:28 Seed Rounds

43:26 Series A

44:46 Later Stage Rounds

45:29 Investor Concerns about SaaS Startups

46:43 B2B vs B2C SaaS Companies

48:44 Future of Crypto, Web3, and AI

50:43 Trends in 2024

56:19 Importance of Data Storytelling

58:55 Cap Table Red Flags

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