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April 17, 2024
Pearse Coyle

How VCs pick founders to back or not? With Pearse Coyle of Deepseed Fund VC

How VCs pick founders to back or not? With Pearse Coyle of Deepseed Fund VC

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Show Notes

About Today's Podcast

Want to know how VCs pick founders to back or not? Join us as Pearse Coyle of Deepseed Fund VC shares insights on deep tech startups, venture capital due diligence, and more. If you're a startup looking for funding, this video is a must-watch!


  1. Market discovery is crucial for startups to identify potential customers and validate their product or service.
  2. Cap table issues often arise in university spinouts, with tenured academics expecting a larger stake than full-time founders.
  3. A standardized scorecard can help evaluate startups based on market traction and customer interest.
  4. Investors should look for startups that have engaged customers and a clear path to market.Building a strong founding team is crucial for startups and spin-outs. It requires the commitment of the scientists or entrepreneurs involved and the involvement of individuals who are familiar with the technology.
  5. Measuring traction in startups can be challenging, especially in deep tech ventures. It is important to define tangible stages in the sales process and track the progress of potential customers.
  6. Becoming a VC in the deep tech space requires experience and understanding of the investment process. It is recommended to gain a track record through angel investing or successful entrepreneurship.
  7. The deep tech sector is expected to shape the future of technology and innovation. With the potential decline in the software business, there will be a shift of capital towards deep tech ventures, leading to new opportunities and challenges for the VC industry.


00:00 Trailer

01:12 Introduction / Venture Investing and Consulting

22:33 What kind of cap table screw up and importance of scorecard?

33:04 Building a Better Founding Team

41:03 What matrics are used to evaluate startups

47:45 Becoming a VC in the Deep Tech Space

46:14 Measuring Traction in Startups

53:55 Becoming a VC in the Deep Tech Space

55:35 Emerging Trends in the Deep Tech Sector

01:01:03 Ritual Time ( What's the worst decision he made )

01:02:31 Ending

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