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March 27, 2024
Jeff Crusey

What are the cap table red flags for VCs?

What are the cap table red flags for VCs?

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About Today's Podcast

Confused about "cap tables" and fundraising? This episode is your guide! We explain what a cap table is and why it's important for startups. Plus, VC expert Jeff Crusey reveals the warning signs investors look for in a cap table.  Learn how to avoid these red flags and build a cap table that sets your startup up for success!  This episode is perfect for first-time founders and anyone interested in venture capital.


  1. Background in the industry is important for VC investors in deep tech
  2. Deep tech startups often remain in stealth mode to retire engineering risk
  3. Traction in deep tech varies depending on the business model and industry
  4. Valuation of deep tech companies is influenced by fund size and risk profile
  5. Being the first money in can provide an edge for VC investors
  6. Founder chemistry is crucial for the success of a startup
  7. Post-money SAFEs have drawbacks, including dilution and lack of due diligence
  8. Venture studios and accelerators can vary in their effectiveness and support
  9. YC has been popularized but may have some hype surrounding it
  10. The best and worst pitches can vary in terms of insight and execution


00:00 Trailer

01:40 Introduction

06:02 Question Unclear

07:24 What Is Investment Thesis of 7%

09:41 Why deep tech startup stay in stealth mode / How VC's evaluate of deep tech ideas

14:10 How VC's track good pitch deck. (First time founder need to listen)

15:32 Understand the though process of VC's (Must listen if you want funding)

28:10 Failure rate in deep tech catagoery according to VC

29:37 Difficulties in building humanite and biotech products

31:37 How much management team and founders expertise are required

33:23 Jeff favourate pitch deck slides

36:07 Cons of Post-Money SAFE

37:25 Opinion on Venture Studios and Accelerators

42:10 Best and Worst Pitches

47:00 Raising money is success metrics

49:28 Cap Table Red Flags

52:08 Did VC's providing clear feedback to founders

53:25 Ritual Time

54:39 Conclusion

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