Jeff Crusey

Mr. Jeffrey Crusey serves as a Venture Partner at Space.VC. He also serves as Venture Partner at 7percent Ventures. He serves as an Advisor at Infinio Capital. He is an Angel Investor. He was the Founding Partner and served as General Partner at Farpoint. Previously he was an Investment Director at Seraphim Capital, led the investment team through their IPO, and served on the board of Xona Space Systems as well as an observer at D-orbit, Bamboo Systems, ChAI, and Edgybees. Earlier, he led corporate development at Viasat after he was co-founder and CEO at DeepSee and worked at a variety of other early-stage ventures. He served as a Senior Analyst at DTE Energy Ventures focusing on climate tech after he was a Senior Associate at Crystal Cove Capital where he led numerous advisory assignments.

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