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February 15, 2024
Jenny Fielding

What Venture capitalist look for funding in early stage startup founders?

What Venture capitalist look for funding in early stage startup founders?

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Jenny Fielding, Managing Director at Techstars and Founder of Everywhere Ventures, shares insights on evaluating founders and their ideas, the unique structure of Everywhere Ventures, managing a large community of founders, and the impact of 2023 on startups and venture capital. She emphasizes the importance of resilience, vision, and responsiveness in founders, and highlights the need for founders to focus on the future and the market opportunity. Jenny also discusses the value of working with founders from zero to one and the challenges and opportunities in the venture capital industry. In this conversation, Jenny discusses the challenges of venture capital and the need for resilience and grit in the industry. She shares her personal experience of almost opting out of venture capital before achieving success. The conversation also touches on the topic of preparing children for the future, emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded education. Finally, the conversation concludes with a reflection on the turbulent year of 2023 and a question for the next guest about their word for 2024.


*Resilience, vision, and responsiveness are key qualities to look for in founders.

*Investing in future-oriented ideas requires understanding the market opportunity and the founder's vision.

*The unique structure of Everywhere Ventures, with a community of founders as LPs, provides a collaborative and supportive environment.Managing a high volume of pitches requires asynchronous and automated processes.

*Founders should focus on inspiring investors and sharing their vision, rather than getting bogged down in the details.

*Founders should optimize their business for customers rather than investors, and consider alternative funding options if venture capital is not the right fit.

*The challenges faced by startups and venture capital in 2023 have led to a focus on resilience and fundamentals.

*Pitch decks are important for providing an overview of the business, but the narrative and story are what distinguish a good deck.

*The role of institutional money in startups depends on the founder's goals and the scalability of the business.

*Working with founders from zero to one provides the opportunity to support and mentor early-stage companies.


00:00 Introduction and Background

02:14 Qualities of a Successful Founder

05:41 Evaluating Future-Oriented Ideas

08:57 Investing in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

11:13 The Unique Structure of Everywhere Ventures

14:37 Managing a Large Community of Founders

17:23 Managing a High Volume of Pitches

21:13 Mistakes Founders Make When Pitching to VCs

23:53 Optimizing Business for Investors vs. Customers

24:48 The Value of Working with Founders from Zero to One

27:56 The Impact of 2023 on Startups and Venture Capital

29:32 The Importance of Pitch Decks and Attention Span

31:57 The Different Paths for Raising Capital

34:10 The Challenges of 2023 and the Outlook for 2024

36:08 The Role of Institutional Money and Self-Awareness

41:17 Working at Techstars and Advice for Aspiring Investors

42:47 The Challenges of Venture Capital

44:02 Resilience and Grit in Venture Capital

44:45 Preparing Children for the Future

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