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March 20, 2024
Francesco Perticarari

No more focus on Unicorns in 2024 with Francesco Petricarari of Silicon Roundabout Ventures

No more focus on Unicorns in 2024 with Francesco Petricarari of Silicon Roundabout Ventures

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Show Notes

About Today's Podcast

Today's guests is Francesco Petricarari of Silicon Roundabout Ventures who primarily invests in Deep Tech and Hard Tech. Francesco is an early stage deep tech VC who shares the importance of founding team, VC founder fit, having the right board member, and a lot more.


  1. Founder-led funds provide advantages in terms of understanding the challenges faced by founders and offering relevant support.
  2. Deep tech encompasses companies that focus on technology development rather than just business growth.
  3. Evaluation of deep tech startups requires a focus on the team, their expertise, and their ability to build a sustainable business.
  4. The team slide in a pitch deck is crucial as it showcases the founders' strengths and their potential to execute their vision. The team and their unique qualifications are crucial in a startup pitch.
  5. Key slides in a pitch deck include the team, market opportunity, and technology.
  6. Deep tech and hardware startups are on the rise due to increased demand for security and climate solutions.
  7. Moving from prototype to mass production in hardware startups requires building the right supply chains and finding the right advisors.
  8. AI in deep tech should go beyond current systems and offer unique applications.


00:00 Trailer

01:50 Introduction

05:00 What is Deep Tech and why is it exciting?

09:00 How experienced founders help early stage founders in Deep Tech with investing

12:50 Achieving the right VC-Founder Fit (Crucial insights for new founders)

16:36 Why the era of Unicorns has ended

20:50 The 40 Rule's importance and how VCs judge businesses

24:20 Why VCs really like SAAS startups

29:25  Why many companies fail after getting lots of VC money

33:15 Strategies for building a sustainable business in Deep Tech

38:22 What VCs look for in a Pitch Deck for Deep Tech Startups and How He Evaluate

53:21 In-depth analysis of Deep Tech trends and insights

58:50 Challenges that founders of hardware companies need to know about

1:04:40 Strategies for generating innovative Deep Tech ideas

1:08:40 Deep Tech and AI

1:13:00 Ritual Time

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