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March 13, 2024
Sam Marchant

How VCs evaluate your idea? with Sam Marchant of Hambro Perks

How VCs evaluate your idea? with Sam Marchant of Hambro Perks

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Show Notes

About Today's Podcast

Learn how VCs evaluate your idea from early stage founder and investor Sam Marchant of Hambro Perks. Get insider tips on how to craft a successful pitch deck and stand out as a first-time founder in the competitive world of startup and CPG brands. Don't miss this valuable advice from an experienced entrepreneur!


  1. Observing entrepreneurship in childhood can have asignificant impact on one's career path.
  2. Consumer product goods (CPG) startups face unique challenges, including the need for innovation and the difficulty of standing out in a crowded market.
  3. Consumer companies often require more time and capital to scale, making them less attractive to VC investors.
  4. The VC industry has evolved, with a wider range of investors and a focus on different types of returns.


00:00 Trailer

01:48 Who is Sam Marchant

08:00 Learning from SAM: Building to Sold Startup Journey

13:30 Why Not Work with Friends and Family / Deep Insights about CPG Brands

26:23 - How VCs add value to startups?

30:50 Venture Capitalists' Judgment of Founders: An Operator's Perspective

34:52 Important Characteristics for First-Time Founders

38:40 VC Pitch Deck Selection Process: A Challenge for Early-Stage Founders (Very Important)

55:30 How to Create a Pitch Deck: Lessons from a VC

1:02:10 Calculating Market Size

1:05:55 Why Venture Capital Money Is SEXY

1:11:15 Deal Negotiation with Venture Capitalists for Early-Stage Founders

1:16:50 Most Common Questions from First-Time Founders (Must Watch)

1:23:10 Ritual Time: Previous Guest's Question for Sam

1:25:20 Ending

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