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May 1, 2024
Elizabeth Yin

VCs Only Spend 30 Seconds on Your Pitch Deck | Elizabeth Yin, Hustle Fund

VCs Only Spend 30 Seconds on Your Pitch Deck | Elizabeth Yin, Hustle Fund

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Show Notes

About Today's Podcast

This podcast dives into the world of venture capital (VC) with a focus on early-stage startups, particularly those in the B2B SaaS space. Elizabeth Yin, founder of Hustle Fund, shares her insights on democratizing wealth creation through startups, the power of content marketing for VCs, and the importance of investing in first-time founders with strong product-market fit. The episode explores the challenges and considerations for VCs, including investment theses, market saturation, and deal evaluation criteria. Listeners gain valuable takeaways on navigating the VC landscape and the key factors that influence startup success.


  1. Hustle Fund aims to democratize wealth through startups by providing capital, knowledge, and networks to early-stage founders.
  2. Content marketing, particularly through platforms like Twitter, can be a powerful tool for attracting deal flow and building a brand.
  3. Lessons learned from Elizabeth Yin's startup experience include the importance of validating ideas before building, prioritizing company culture and values, and effective management.
  4. For B2B SaaS companies, it may be better to back first-time founders with lower entry point valuations, as the exit potential may not be significantly higher for serial entrepreneurs.
  5. Most B2B SaaS companies do not need a large amount of capital and can bootstrap or raise smaller rounds until they reach a revenue stage that justifies larger investments.
  6. Investment theses are important for VC firms to differentiate themselves and attract investors, as they help investors understand the fund's focus and expertise.
  7. B2B SaaS companies are favored by VCs due to their predictable revenue streams, high retention rates, and stability compared to consumer-focused businesses.
  8. The SaaS market is becoming crowded, and investors are looking for differentiated ideas and industries off the beaten path to avoid high customer acquisition costs.
  9. VCs spend less than 30 seconds reviewing a pitch deck and focus on the founding team, idea differentiation, and a deep understanding of the problem being solved.
  10. The valuation of a startup is influenced by factors such as market size, team expertise, idea differentiation, and the potential for repeatability and scalability.


00:00 Trailer

01:25 Introduction and Early Influences

05:27 Why Starting a VC Firm

08:33 Science behind Concept of Hustle Fund

10:12 The Need for More Early Stage Funds

12:10 Deal Flow and VC Strategies

13:50 The Power of Content Marketing

16:50 Why Investing in First-Time Founders / 3 Biggest Lessons I Startup

24:42 Venture Capital Business Model and Funding Challenges

31:35 The Gambling Nature of VC Investments

33:22 The Importance of Investment Theses for VC Firms

34:58 The Appeal of B2B SaaS Companies to VCs

38:00 The Potential SaaS Bubble

40:45 How Deep Tech Investers Makes Money

42:30 VC Evaluation Criteria and Attention Span

47:00 Market Size And Valuation

52:30 Evolution of Investment Acumen

55:35 Post-Money and Pre-Money Safes

59:00 Consequences of Not Tracking Cap Table

01:03:15 PrepStacks and Growth Stage Deals And Impact on Early Stage Investors

01:06:05 Disagreement with Market Sizing Exercises

01:08:28 Ritual Time

01:09:25 Conclusion

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