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May 22, 2024
Kevin Van Gundy

Learn How to scale $100 million ARR SaaS? | Startup Business Podcast

Learn How to scale $100 million ARR SaaS? | Startup Business Podcast

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Show Notes

About Today's Podcast

In this Startup Business Podcast, learn how to scale a $100 million ARR SaaS company using strategies like founder-led sales and b2b vs b2c saas models. Expert insights from leaders in the industry!This podcast episode also dives a packed with valuable insights for founders starting their entrepreneurial journey. Mudassir sits down with Kevin Van Gundy, a seasoned tech industry veteran with experience at Neo4j, Trey, and Vercel. Uncover strategies for crafting winning pricing models. Understand the importance of segmentation, catering to different customer needs, and the potential of enterprise packages. Keep it simple and focus on clarity for easy customer understanding.


  1. Leadership and mentorship play a crucial role in personal and professional growth.
  2. Startups go through different phases, and it's important to adapt and learn from each stage.
  3. SaaS pricing requires iteration and flexibility, and it's important to prioritize goals and understand the market. Differentiate your pricing models based on the needs and buying motions of different customer segments.
  4. Consider offering enterprise packages for B2B products to cater to larger companies and drive higher average contract values.
  5. Simplify your pricing model to make it intuitive and easy for customers to understand and forecast costs.
  6. Product-led growth and sales-led growth are both valuable approaches, and the choice depends on the nature of your product and target market.
  7. Scale is not just about revenue growth; it involves managing complexity in various aspects of the business.
  8. When building a go-to-market strategy, founders should be willing to engage in founder-led sales to gain valuable experience and build important communication and leadership skills.
  9. B2C SaaS is more challenging than B2B SaaS due to the randomness and unpredictability of the market.


00:00 Trailer

02:07 Sponsored

03:20 Kevin Van Gundy's Journey in the Tech Industry

09:40 Lessons Learned from Neo4j, Trey, and Vercel

21:30 Differentiating Pricing Models

29:40 B2B Products and Enterprise Packages

32:40 The Complexity of Pricing

38:45 What to Include and Exclude in Pricing

47:00 Understanding Scale

51:10 Building a Go-To-Market Strategy

56:00 The Challenge of B2C vs. B2B SaaS

59:45 Maintaining Culture as a Company Scales

01:05:00 The Blueprint for Starting a B2B SaaS Business

01:16:11 Ritual

01:18:12 Conclusion

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