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December 1, 2023
Jason Kirby

Demystifying Venture Capital with 4x Founder and VC Jason Kirby

Demystifying Venture Capital with 4x Founder and VC Jason Kirby

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Jason Kirby shares his entrepreneurial journey and the challenges he faced in raising venture capital. He emphasizes the importance of determining if a business is venture backable and when to raise money. Jason also discusses the role of growth stage investors and the strategies they employ. He highlights the need for founders to explore non-venture capital routes and the support Thunder.VC provides in navigating complex capital structures. In this conversation, Jason Kirby shares insights and advice on various aspects of venture capital and entrepreneurship. He discusses the value that advisors can bring to founders, the importance of determining the right funding amount and approach, strategies for building a strong founding team, red flags for VCs when evaluating startups, and a fundamental belief in venture capital that he disagrees with. He also poses a thought-provoking question for the next guest.


* Determining if a business is venture backable requires considering the potential for scale and the need for significant capital.

* Founders should carefully evaluate when to raise money and explore non-venture capital options if their business doesn't require large-scale funding.

* Late-stage VCs have shorter time horizons and aim for lower multiple returns, focusing on companies that are closer to a liquidity event.

* Liquidation preferences can impact early investors, and founders should be aware of the potential consequences.

* Thunder.VC provides tools and resources to help founders navigate the fundraising process and make informed decisions.


00:00 Jason Kirby's Entrepreneurial Journey

04:03 The Decision to Raise Money

06:04 When to Raise Money and Why

08:49 Determining if a Business is Venture Backable

14:37 The Challenges of Raising Venture Capital

17:27 How Thunder.VC Helps Founders

21:36 The Common Denominator in Successful Fundraising

23:34 Exploring Non-Venture Capital Routes

29:51 The Investment Strategies of Late-Stage VCs

36:33 Liquidation Preferences and Impact on Early Investors

38:44 Helping Founders Navigate Complex Capital Structures

39:16 Providing Value to Founders

41:13 Determining Funding Amount and Approach

44:21 Building a Strong Founding Team

47:00 Red Flags for VCs51:17Disagreement with Fundamental Belief in Venture Capital

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