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How to start a b2b SaaS Company in 2024

How to start a b2b SaaS Company in 2024

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About Today's Podcast

How Much Money You Should Actually Raise? Playfair Venture Capital FundEver wondered how much money your startup should actually aim to raise? This episode spills the tea on venture capital fundraising. We'll chat with an investor about the rollercoaster founders go on, from getting funded to dealing with tough situations. You'll learn how investors pick which startups to back, how to build a strong relationship with them, and how to avoid common fundraising mistakes. Basically, this episode will give you the inside scoop on getting the cash you need to make your startup a success.


  1. Finding a problem worth solving is crucial when starting a business.
  2. Venture capital is driven by power law returns, with a few companies generating the majority of the returns.
  3. Portfolio construction involves considering factors such as dilution, round size, and ownership.
  4. own rounds can be challenging, and founders often have limited options.
  5. Investing in a few companies allows for a deep relationship and focus on each investment.
  6. Evaluation of founders involves assessing their expertise, assumptions, and fit with the business.
  7. Balance depth and length of answers during pitches.
  8. Look for founders with passion, energy, determination, and creativity.
  9. Consider equity allocation and fundraising challenges.
  10. Focus on distribution and pricing in crowded markets.
  11. Maintain open communication with founders.


00:00 Trailer

01:20 Introduction

04:06 Henrik's Experiences: Angel Investment, Crowdfunding, and Investment Banking

07:47 Starting a SaaS or B2C Business

15:10 Why join playfair?

17:55 Optimizing for Power Law Returns in Venture Capital

21:48 The Power Law Distribution and Portfolio Construction

23:45 Valuation and Raising Funds

27:25 Dealing with Financial Challenges and Down Rounds

34:15 Why Investing in Few Companies and the Evaluation Process

40:55 Giving Candid Feedback to Founders

50:26 Founders Common Mistakes

52:52 Measuring Equity Allocation

55:15 Evaluating Businesses in Different Verticals

57:20 The Relationship Between Fund Size and Strategy

1:00:16 The Importance of Distribution and Go-to-Market Strategy

01:02:30 Doing Things That Don't Scale in Go-to-Market

01:04:24 The Importance of Pricing in a Marketplace

01:06:30 The Most Common Piece of Advice for Startups

01:09:58 Investing in First-Time Founders vs Second-Time Founders

01:11:30 Ritual Time

01:14:02 Conclusion

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